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BrainFriend is an e-learning software with over 60 subjects and quality study materials to help you learn effectively and improve your grades.

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With over 70,000 questions, answers and explanations covering over 48 subjects from Primary 1 to SSS 3 and over 2,000 educational videos covering over 48 subjects from Primary 1 to SSS 3, BrainFriend is the perfect fit for studying and having perfect grades. 

Why we stand out

BrainFriend is a cutting edge app used for learning from primary to secondary schools,
here's why we stand out and are loved

Access 70,000+ questions and answers on over 60 subjects

BrainFriend covers over 60 subjects with questions and answers developed from the Nigerian curriculum. You do not need the internet*. All you need is for the software to be installed on your device.

*Note that live classrooms and study groups will require internet access.

Chat with teachers and fellow students to improve your study experience.

You may be learning on your own, but you are not alone! Discuss topics and ask questions among students and teachers.

Study and prepare with our CBT Exams 

With BrainFriend, you can also set your preferred number of questions and choose a particular topic in the subject you want to be tested on. Solutions to all questions are provided.

Join live classrooms 

BrainFriend gives you access to studying without walls with the online classroom feature! 

More features that make
our users excited


Electronic notes on various subjects in the Nigerian curriculum.

Educational Games

BrainFriend contains educational games that encourage and ease learning.

Teacher's Guide

Guides to improve teaching skills and classroom management
for teachers.

Access Results

Affords students real-time access to results from Computer-based tests.

Parent's Access

Parents can track the performance of their children and also assess them

Nigerian Curriculum

Up-to-date Nigerian curriculum on all subjects ranging from Primary 1 to Senior Secondary 3.

Our awesome video showcase

Watch our educational videos

The Solar System part 1 (Basic Science and Technology Pri. 6)

Whole Numbers part 1 (Mathematics Pri. 1)

Vocalbulary Part 1 English Language Pri 1

Ball Games Basketball Part 3 (PHE SSS 2)

Speaking to persuade or convince (English Language SSS 1)

Mechanical Energy part 2 (Physics SSS 2)

BrainFriend is Nigeria's foremost e-learning and examination preparatory tool. It is endorsed by the Federal Ministry of Education. It complements classroom learning as well as serves as an examination preparatory tool. The software package is developed to aid all students/pupils ranging from primary through the senior secondary and post-secondary schools.